Pictures of the day

CPA Jorge Medero Roldán
Managing Partner
Medero Roldán, LLC. Caguas, Puerto Rico
Enterprise Resource Planning Systems (ERP Systems)

Mr. Jesús FelicianoSenior Account Manager – Microsoft CorporationServer, Storage and Client Virtualization
Students – Jennifer, Yarimar, Christian and Francisco
with Professor Carmen A. Figueroa
  AMO-212 Inauguration CeremonyDr. Evelyn Ramos, Assistant Dean – Student AffairsDr. Grisel Meléndez, Assistant Dean – Adminitrative Affairs

Prof. Arnaldo Ramos

Picture taken by: Francheska Guzmán

  Yarimar Morales, winner of the Rock Solid Technologies Scholarship
with Prof. Edgardo Rodríguez, Prof. María T. Jiménez, Dr. Pedro J. Rodríguez Esquerdo, Prof. María del R. Rodríguez, Dr. Katherine Franceschi, Prof. Arnaldo RamosPicture taken by: Francheska Guzmán
Registro Trixie de LeónPicture taken by: Francheska Guzmán

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